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Body Splash - Baylasan

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  • Refreshes your skin with a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your skin, preventing dryness and flakiness.
  • Provides all-day comfort and freshness to keep you feeling revitalized.
  • Enhances your mood with a light and invigorating aroma.
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  • Get the fresh skin you deserve or your money back.

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A fragrant body splash that gives you a feeling of comfort and freshness throughout the day.
 Follow this tip to guarantee the best results:
Suitable for daily use
Active Ingredients
  • Aqua
  • Ethanol
  • Baylasan essential fragrance
30-Day “Empty Jar” Guarantee
نحن نؤمن بقوة منتجاتنا العضوية للعناية بالبشرة لتحويل بشرتك وتعزيز ثقتك بنفسك. لهذا السبب نقدم ضمان "الجرة الفارغة" لمدة 30 يوما - نحن واثقون من أنك ستحب منتجاتنا بقدر ما نحبها! إليك كيفية عملها: إذا لم تكن راضيا تماما عن مشترياتك في غضون 30 يوما من استلامها ، فما عليك سوى إعادة البرطمان الفارغ ، وسنرد لك أموالك بالكامل.
نعم ، لقد قرأت ذلك بشكل صحيح - حتى لو كنت قد استهلكت المنتج بالكامل ، فسنظل نعيد لك أموالك!
نحن فخورون بمنتجاتنا ونقف وراء جودتها وفعاليتها. نحن نعلم أن التحول إلى العناية بالبشرة العضوية يمكن أن يكون مخيفا ، لكننا هنا لنجعلها سهلة وخالية من المخاطر بالنسبة لك. يمنحك ضمان "الجرة الفارغة" لمدة 30 يوما راحة البال لتجربة منتجاتنا ورؤية النتائج بنفسك. لذا انطلق ، جرب منتجاتنا - لا يمكننا الانتظار لسماع تحولك!
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100% Safe


30-Day “Empty Jar” Guarantee

How to use


Before using, take a shower or bath and dry off completely.


Hold the bottle of body splash about 6 inches away from your body, spray the body splash onto your skin. Press down on the spray nozzle to release a mist of body splash onto your skin. Start with a small amount and add more as desired. For maximum effect, apply the body splash to your pulse points, such as your neck, wrists, and behind your ears. Hold the bottle at an appropriate distance from your body while spraying to avoid over application or waste.


Allow the body splash to dry completely before getting dressed or applying any other products. This ensures that the scent lasts longer and does not mix with other products.

All-day freshness

Our body splash provides a long-lasting, refreshing scent that keeps you smelling great all day. This benefit ensures that you can enjoy the pleasant scent of the body splash throughout the day, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident.

Non-sticky formula

The light and non-sticky formula of our body splash ensures that it does not leave any residue on the skin. This means that you can use the body splash without worrying about any sticky or oily feeling on your skin, providing a comfortable experience.

Easy to apply

Our body splash is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it perfect for a quick refresh throughout the day. This benefit makes the body splash convenient to use, allowing you to refresh yourself quickly whenever you need it.

Key Ingredients



Essential Oil


Suitable for all skin types

The gentle formula of our body splash is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This benefit ensures that everyone can use the body splash without worrying about any adverse reactions or discomfort.

Versatile use

Our body splash can be used on the body, clothes, and hair, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine. This benefit makes the body splash a useful product to have, allowing you to enjoy its benefits in different ways and situations.

Long-lasting hydration

Our body splash contains moisturizing ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration to the skin, keeping it soft and supple throughout the day. This benefit ensures that your skin stays nourished and healthy, even in dry environments.

Will help you eliminate:

Skin Dryness

Body Odors






Skin Oiliness


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OMG I love love love this scent
Baylasan collection it's my best


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