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Get clear and balanced skin

Black seed soap

The black seeds help remove the dead-skin layer and help reduce the excess oil which causes break-outs; 150g

Facial mask charcoal and caviar

Charcoal helps draw out impurities from the skin and excess oils that contribute to acne breakouts. It also helps tighten and cleanse enlarged pores. As for the caviar, it gives the skin moisturesoftness and radiance. It also helps tighten the complexion and hide fine lines of the face; 250g

Facial scrub black seed

The sand grains help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. The creamy texture of the scrub helps keep your skin deeply moisturized.
The black-seeds have antibacterial properties that help to detoxify skin and reduce sebum; 250g

Pure oil Argan

Moisturizes skin due to its abundance of vitamins E & A
Helps to treat different types of acne and promotes a smoother and calmer complexion.
Increases elasticity of the skin; 35ml