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Shampoo laurel
Your hair will be stronger and healthier.
Laurel oil strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss.
Olive oil makes your hair shinier and reduces frizziness; 250ml
Conditionner shea
Conditioner leaves a protective layer on top of each strand, protecting them against the environment and heat from hot water and styling tools. Less damage means your hair will look silky and shiny for longer
Shea butter softens dry brittle hair and repairs split damaged ends as well. Argan oil increases hair's elasticity, making it less prone to breakage; 250ml
Hair oil laurel
It eliminates dandruff.
Strengthens hair follicles and helps grow new hairs.
Cleans, nourishes and refreshes the scalp, 100ml
Hair velvet orjuwan
Contains Vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants, along with magnesium, which reduce hair breakage and help it grow.
It moisturizes the hair and makes it shiny and tangle-free; 100ml