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Balanced beauty

Hair oil laurel
It eliminates dandruff.
Strengthens hair follicles and helps grow new hairs.
Cleansnourishes and refreshes the scalp; 100ml

Shampoo laurel
Your hair will be stronger and healthier.
Laurel oil strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss.
Olive oil makes your hair shinier and reduces frizziness; 250ml

Laurel soap 
good disinfectant to kill bacteria and germs on the skin.
Nourishes the skin and gives it freshness.
Strengthens the hair roots which helps reduce hair loss.
Moisturizes the scalp and helps prevent dandruff; 1kg

Gel soap Laurel
Laurel gel soap cleanses and purifies without stripping the skin’s natural essential oils as it has antisepticantibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The olive oil hydratesmoisturizes and nourishes dry, flaky skin
It helps hair look strong as well and prevents hair loss, 250ml