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Say hello to even-toned skin 
Turmeric soap
Cleanses the skin and keeps it hydrated
Helps reduce dark spots and blemishes; 150g
Facial scrub turmeric 
The sand grains help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface.
The creamy texture of the scrub helps keep your skin deeply moisturized.
The turmeric powder helps reduce pigmentation and evens out the skin tone; 250g
Pure oil rosehip 
Rosehip pure oil is full of vitaminsantioxidants, and essential fatty acids which help hydrate and brighten your skin. It can also help reduce skin pigmentation; 35ml
Facial toner rose water with lime and Vitamin C 
Rose water is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. It helps reduce the redness of irritated skin and controls excess oil. The vitamin C gives your skin a youthful glow; 100ml