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Body Splash - Lavender
Fatma Baharoon

Body Splash - Lavender

Body Lotion - Lavender
Fatma Baharoon

The lotion very sticky if you apply in the body all the body change white and be come sticky .

Dear Fatma,

Thank you for sharing your feedback about the lotion. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the stickiness of the product. It's important to note that everyone's skin is unique and may react differently to certain products.

We recommend using a smaller amount of lotion and evenly distributing it across the skin to avoid excess buildup. we work constantly on tailoring our production to suit all skin types, we recommend using our body oils as they are considered dry oils and sure you will like the texture.

We appreciate your honesty and will use your feedback to improve our product in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Khan El Kaser Team

An honorable mention to the soft but memorable scent,

If Khan Elkaser were to focus on these exfoliators in their marketing strategy, they shall strike gold. Of all the exfoliators I tried, this one strikes THE perfect balance between serious exfoliation and moisturizing. They leave skin silky smooth and are the perfect step at the end of any shower/bath after soaps and shower gels to allow the skin to benefit from the rich oils and Shea butter. Beyond HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The adorable's scent💚

Baylasan Collection

سكرب البيلسان والزيت ريحته حلوه جدا

Baylasan Collection

البيلسان ريحته تجنن تاخذ لعالم ثاني

حابه اني اجربها قريبا انشاءلله

احب هذي المجموعة ترطيبها عالي

I love this collection: my favorite from Khan el kaser.

اموت بالروائح الموجوده بخان القصر

Body Oil - Green Tea
Shatha Alian

Ladies, i have tried this green tea body oil and its so amazing,
Gives your body smoothness and good smell
Try it and you’ll never regret it

I recommend this toner with the rose water and aloe ver so much

Oily hair bundle

انا جربته ولجيت نتيجة...زيت الغار رائع للشعر

الزيت ريحته تجنن وتابت ويرطب من قلب ويعطي لمعه رااائعه للجسم

My day and night routine 😍😍

Facial Scrub - Glow

سكراب الكركم الابيض الوجه توه اجربه من اسبوع بس بعد النتيجة جميلة جداً كبدايه

Combination skin bundle

I want to try them soon

الصابونة جدا رائعه للبشرة تخليها نظيفه وتشيل الزيوت والاوساخ وتفتح لون البشرة أمنة جدا للبشرة الحساسه ايضا

جداااا روعه للجسم يخليه ناعم ورطب وريحته تجنن

اسرع شي انو يوحد لون البشرة وزيل البقع

تخفف الحساسية بس للاسف مو متوفر فرع لهم بالسعودية

Love them all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Best quality 🔥

Facial Scrub - Glow

كثير يسوون عليه ماسكات عشان كذا اخذته