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Body Oil - Glow
Perla Abi khalil
Loved It

The Smell is Amazing .. it feels so nice on the body and it didnt disappoint.. the only comment i have is i wish the smell can last longer

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a review for our Body Oil - Glow. We're so happy to hear that you loved it and enjoyed the amazing smell. We'll definitely take note of your feedback about the scent lasting longer. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our products and your input is valuable to us. Thanks again for choosing our body oil and we hope to see you again soon. Have a glowing day!


استخدمت وايد انواع من الرذاذ بالمرة بس هذا ادمااااااان ما يأذي البشرة ويفتح ويوحد لون البشرة … يجننننن

يسعدنا دائمًا سماع تجارب إيجابية حول منتجاتنا


يجنن هالماسك… خفيف على البشرة وفعلا يلين ويرطب ويشيل الشوائب… كل ما استخدمه مابي اشيلة من ويهي وريحته خياااال … ادمااااان

يسعدنا سماع أنك وجدت ماسكًا خفيفًا على البشرة وفعالًا في الترطيب وتنظيف البشرة.


يجنن يجنن يجنن .. ادمااااان روعه يلين الشعر وكل مرة يحسن الشعر لازم المواضبة بالاستعمال … الصراحة يجنن

مبروك على اكتشافك لمنتجاتنا الرائعة للشعر!

Sugar Scrub - Turmeric
Carmen Berreh
Highly recommended

This scrub is one of a kind, you won’t imagine the results😍 im in loveeee. The whitening effect showed after 1 week, strawberry legs are almost gone after almost 20 dayss.

We love hearing such positive feedback about our scrub. The fact that you saw results in just a week and improvement with strawberry legs in 20 days is fantastic! We're thrilled you're in love with it!

Amazing Smell and Softness ensured

The smell of this lotion is super!I put it after using my Baylasan oil in shower - it gave my skin a great softness sensation and glow. Received many compliments on the smell

Thank you for the beautiful review

Great Smell and Texture

I tried the Myrhh scrub for the first time and the smell is really nice and refreshing! My skin felt so soft after shower

We loved your review thank you so much

Sugar Scrub - Myrrh
Sabine Habib

I've been struggling with strawberry legs and arms my whole life and this scrub just made them so much smoother and better feeling after the very first try! The redness is slowly decreasing and I'm feeling more confident with my skin! And the smell is wow!😍😍😍😍

yayy that is great!!

we are happy for you, thank you for choosing Khan El Kaser.

Body Oil - Green Tea
Amani Alojeil

this oil is amazing
the smell feels like you're at your own spa ( pure, clean fresh and a little lemony)
not greasy at all, very light on the skin and it is absorbed very quickly
i love it

Waw amazing feedback!!

Thank you for choosing Khan El Kaser.

Body Oil - Baylasan
Amani Alojeil

Amazing scent, Amazing texture, light on the skin
it doesn't stick or stain, long lasting fragrance.

It's our best seller who doesn't love baylasan.

Thank you for choosing our brand

Sugar Scrub - Baylasan
Amani Alojeil
in love

this scrub is pure heaven, it gives an amazing texture of the skin
also combined with the baylasan oil makes the perfect combination for smooth and soft skin

That's amazing feedback, thank you for choosing Khan El Kaser.

ريحته بتجنننننن وبيترك البشرة مترطبة بدون تدبيق
بستاهل ١٠/١٠

‏شكرا على التعليق الرائع ‏إن شاء الله دائما عند حسن ظنكم

جميييييل لايفوتكم🙏🏼

'شكرا لمشاركتك تجربتك الإيجابية مع زيت الجسم - الورد الدمشقي. نحن سعداء جدا بأنه نال إعجابك ونتطلع لخدمتك مجددا في المستقبل. شكرا لاختيارك لمنتجاتنا '

Body Oil - Baylasan
Mariam Salim Alteneiji

شريته وانا ماعرف ريحته.. بس طلع وااايد حلو وريحته فرنسيه خفيفه🤚🏼

‏شكرا لكم على التعليق المميز

Sugar Scrub - Turmeric
Mariam Salim Alteneiji

واااايد حلو ويرطب .. مافيه ريحة كركم .. كثر ما تشمون ريحة برتقال او شي من الحمضيات ،، ثاني مره اشتريه. ولا غلطه

Thank you for the amazing review! We are so glad to hear that you love our Turmeric Sugar Scrub and that it leaves your skin moisturized. We understand your concern about the scent of turmeric, but we are happy that you can smell the citrus notes instead. We look forward to having you as a returning customer. Thank you for choosing our product!

Mask Mur and Liban

The product is amazing I use it once weekly and I feel immediately a clean and clear skin.

Thank you for the nice feedback!

Hydrating Cream
Noura Abou Fakher

Hydrating Cream

Kronful oil

Very nice oil.. I like it

thank you for the nice review, we are happy you liked it.

Body Oil - Glow
jad salameh

I brought my girl body oil glow! Now she loves me more than ever😂❤️ she is so happy with the product!! Thank you for saving my day😉😂

Body Oil - Glow
makram ghannam
Soft smell

Super loved this and collection


It’s not like before, oil in scrub become less

Dear Aysha,
We are here at your service and explain we need to let you know that all the products are manufactured in batches and with GMP certified factory all the products will have in all patches the same amount of raw materials with the same exact recipe, things can change in production as it's impossible.
Maybe the case is external conditions like weather, Storage, or others that would affect the product and texture but mainly it shouldn't affect with a huge impact on the quality if that happened.
In any case we are here to assist you and we will be contacting you to exchange it as soon as possible so you'll have it exchanged and we will make sure that you'd love it as usual.

The face and body scrubs are so nice and leave the skin moisturized and soft.
I loved the whole range! The body cream and oil smell heavenly

I'm in love with this sugar scrub😍 It feels like it's my first time using a body scrub ever!🤩 It's hard to believe how much smaller my leg pores are now!

This scrub is amazing! It helped me eliminate strawberry legs, reduced my pores, and left my skin feeling incredibly smooth. ❤️

Sugar Scrub - Lime and Vitamin C